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Great News!!!
The Success Of The Thumbdinger Is Allowing Us To Drop Our Price !!

Yes A Price Drop For A Successfull Product Thank You America!!!
New Pricing: $18.99,
Shipping $2.00
RIch Becky Stinchcomb
The Thumb Dinger, invented by Philip Aldinger & Randy Stinchcomb product development
and marketing by Jeffrey T Stinchcomb
INVESTORS: If you are interested in investing or to purchase these products and their patents,
please phone Jeff at 772-708-3403

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Thumb Dinger
The Original Thumb Dinger:
Our Thumb Dingers were designed by the fishermen who use them. They are now used in the Pacific Ocean from San Diego to Alaska, in the Atlantic from Florida north, and off the Australian coast.

Protect Your Thumb From Fishing Line Cuts
Designed By Fishermen
Fine Quality Leather & Velcro
Works On Both Left & Right Hand
Used By Sport Fishermen Across The World
   & Even Research Bioligists

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Ocean City, MD Marlin Club

Fresh catch From Capt Bill Plumley in Massachusetts
Fishing With Bob and the Thumb Dinger Jeffrey Stinchcomb fishing with Bob Webber and the Thumb Dinger. Fresh catch, dolphin! Caught in the Gulf Stream in 700 ft. of water. "Using the Thumb Dinger was just a joy to have!"
Sailfish Cup Thumbdinger is proud to be one of the sponsors of the World Sailfish Cup, November 2010
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Thumb Dinger and Big Kahuna Showers have a successful trip at the 2010 Miami International Boat Show. See us in the Mad Mariner!
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Using one of our Thumb Dinger specialized thumb gloves, Robert Farris of Charlotte, NC catches a record 1062 lb. Marlin. Read more here:

1062 lb Blue Marlin Caught Off Ocean City, Maryland Sets MD State Record at White Marlin Open...

Outdoors: Good things come in threes...

Blue in the face: 3-hour fight nets record marlin
Exhausting 3-hour-plus fight results in a blue marlin that sets a Maryland state record...

White Marlin Open Day 3: State record Blue Marlin and a huge Hammerhead Shark...


From Captian Allan Starr of Galapagos Sportfishing, "Fishing in Jurassic Park"  
Hey Randy, After extensive testing on approximately 150 big Stripped Marlin up to 300lbs, only one word describes your Thumb Dinger, AMAZING.

The only problem we had is, we destroyed all the ones we had, PLEASE send more!! By using the Thumb Dinger to thumb-the-spool on HOT Stripped Marlin, is the "cats-ass". For Hook Setting, I've seen Nothing Better, as the Thumb Dinger works on "J" hooks just as well as on circles. You all have hit a Home Run wth this product, I highly recommend it to ANY offshore angler.

The basic thing is to have anglers who can fish,  it is by no meens a cure-all but makes circle hook fishing for Stripped Marlin so much more efficient and eliminates fumbling with the drag lever as your thumb is much more sensitive to pressure than a drag-lever and therein lies the key to the Thumb Dinger, from strike, to dropback, then being able to increase pressure on the spool gradually, nothing come close to your Thumb Dingers for setting circle hooks on conventional tackle.

I'll foward some pics of all the action as soon as I can. Best of luck and again, you have a Great Product!

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