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About Us

Founded in 2004, UNLimited Creations Corporation is a creative product development company. We develop high-quality products that add convenience and fun to those who make good use of the products we develop.

We began in developing the Big Kahuna Portable Shower, now on sale at select retail stores in Southern California, Cabela's online, and at UNLCC online. A big hit with outdoor enthusiasts, the Big Kahuna Portable Shower is now being sought out by key emergency management personnel for use on mobile emergency equipment like fire trucks and parademic vehicles.

Our second product, adds a finishing touch to 2005 and 2008 Ford Mustangs. Missing from these retro-inspired vehicles is the chrome trim around the rear tailights. UNLimited Creations has developed the best solution for true Mustang enthusiasts who appreciate a quality look and product. The Classic Mustang Tailight Trim.

Third to market is our Thumb Dinger Fisherman's Thumb Guard. This exciting sporting product is already being used in the Atlantic, Pacific and off the Australian coast.



Thumb Dinger in use