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From Friends We Met at the Miami International Boat Show

  "Hello Philip, You were so nice at the Miami Boat Show to give us a sample package of your ThumbDinger! Thought you would like to see these pictures, feel free to post them on your webpage! Best Wishes, Cindy and Dale Goddard The younger man is Jeff Jerger visiting from Vermont, and Dale Goddard from Big Pine Key, FL"

dotted lineSouth Pacific

From Captian Allan Starr of Galapagos Sportfishing, "Fishing in Jurassic Park"  
Hey Randy, After extensive testing on approximately 150 big Stripped Marlin up to 300lbs, only one word describes your Thumb Dinger, AMAZING.

The only problem we had is, we destroyed all the ones we had, PLEASE send more!! By using the Thumb Dinger to thumb-the-spool on HOT Stripped Marlin, is the "cats-ass". For Hook Setting, I've seen Nothing Better, as the Thumb Dinger works on "J" hooks just as well as on circles. You all have hit a Home Run wth this product, I highly recommend it to ANY offshore angler.

The basic thing is to have anglers who can fish,  it is by no meens a cure-all but makes circle hook fishing for Stripped Marlin so much more efficient and eliminates fumbling with the drag lever as your thumb is much more sensitive to pressure than a drag-lever and therein lies the key to the Thumb Dinger, from strike, to dropback, then being able to increase pressure on the spool gradually, nothing come close to your Thumb Dingers for setting circle hooks on conventional tackle.

I'll foward some pics of all the action as soon as I can. Best of luck and again, you have a Great Product!

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Florida Sportfishing Magazine

"I use the Thumb Dinger Fishing Glove deep dropping for Grey Tilefish in 500 + feet of water. We use electric reels spooled up wth Suffix braid, which is very tough on the fingers and hands. whether dropping-down, reeling up leveling the line on the spool or fighting a fish the Thumbdinger was an essential piece of equipment for us..."

- Captian Greg Rybak


"I use my Thumbdinger all the time now trolling offshore for big game and I love it, No More Cut Thumbs for Me. now I can fish ALL day in comfort and not worrie about line cuts, which hurt like Hell when the saltwater gets in it, lol"

- RC

"I had my mate wear it last week while Tuna fishing out of Virginia Beach and as he was paying out the line, a 130lb + Blue Fin Tuna hit, screaming the reel.. luckly he had the Thumbdinger on and it saved him some blisters and several layers of skin, thanks for a great product"

Bob from Virginia Beach

"I finally had a chance to use the Thumbdinger on a trip out of Pirates Cove, we went 3 for 3 on Whites and my Thumbdinger worked great for guiding the line on while reeling on a TLD.

I also got to use it Surffishing wth my baitcaster out on the OBX, that is where the Thumbdinger really shinned, after 10 hrs of tossing 2-3oz lures my thumb didn't melt. Great Product and Thanks for letting me "Field Test" one !!"

- Jess, Wilmington, NC

"I used my Thumbdinger last week on an inshore trip, now I feel much better knowing I won't slice a chunk off my index finger while casting Suffix braid on my Shimano 4500 Baitrunner, also it worked great on the baitcasters too, better spool control and best of all, No More Thumb-Burn, yay!!"

- F. Moore

"I just got to test my Thumbdinger out 2 weeks ago on an offshore trip. It was very comfortble to wear and when a 40lb Amberjack hit my lure, it kept my thumb from getting fried!!

I've tried a few different types of gloves but they always seem to get in the way, your Thumbdinger has the same purpose as these fancy "jigging gloves" but is so much more comfortable to wear and it Does Not get in the way while reeling in, setting the drag or bringing the fish to boat.

you have a Great product and I really appreciate you all letting me test one out".....

- Michael, Wilmington, NC


Florida Sportsmen

"Results are in! Definitely a nice addition to the many thousand things to bring fishing. I went out Wednesday and hit one of my amberjack spots. I was fishing an avet lx6.1 with 60lb power pro. the reel is just a little light as far as max drag to stop these fish from taking me into the wreck and loosing my 15$ jigs. Problem is usually after thumbing the spool for more then 1 good run my thumb starts to feel it. Well not anymore, I was able to put A LOT of pressure on the fish with no sore thumb! We brought up 2 50lbers and a mess of 25-35lbers! I would definitely recommend a thumb dinger if you find yourself in a similar situation."

"Randy, thanks for the Thumb Dinger. I finally got a chance to put it to the test on a fat tarpon. It was very helpful loading the line on the reel when retrieving but it was a BIG help when I wanted to add just a little pressure to the line when the fish was in close. It sure beat mashing my thumb down on the old power pro. I give it a big thumbs-up! " Y'all need to getcha one."


Atlantic Anglers East Coast:

"Thanks Randy, after using the Thumb Dinger the rest of the day, I realized how much more distance I was getting. No doubt, when the spool or my hands were wet the Thumb Dinger kicked in for some major help and distance that I wouldn't have got without using it!!
I'll be passing mine around on the sand down here for people to use and I'll bet it won't be long before you all have somemore surffishing customers, including another one for myself!!! If anyone hasn't tried one yet, get yourself one, you wont' regrett it !!!!"

- Dixie719 from Virgina Beach, Va

"I use the Thumbdinger casting conventional gear in the surf, I like it alot.. I wet the leather and throw-away, no more spool slippage even when tossing 12oz's. It's also how I broke my Rainshadow, not having a "check valve" for bringing on the power to quickly. The Thumbdinger IS the solution to Spool Slippage, it's added me another 30+ yards to my cast because I can wing-it as hard as I want, even wth a wet spool"

- Ben aka Charkbait

"Ben is right. I haven't used it much when casting with conventional but yesterday it came in handy. Ended up casting some heavy weight and bait in the rain and decided to use the dinger because my thumb had trouble holding the spool when casting. It worked great. When I am throwing 10 or if its raining, I am using the dinger ."

"I have been using the Thumbdinger every time I go out. It's now part of my tackle box."

"Good design and fits well."

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